Available work in Japan

Jobs for Foreigners

There are plenty of jobs for a foreigner if you look hard enough and if you know the right people. Below are a few industries that are known to accept foreigners with open arms.


Bar and Restaurant Jobs

Japan has seen a big increase in the amount of western restaurants and bars. Many of these establishments have at least one or more foreign staff. Other Asian and European restaurants remain popular in Japan and some employing foreign staff.


The entertainment industry is always hungry for new foreign faces and personalities and has the potential to earn big bucks in a small amount of time. Hostessing is a good example of this. It was very lucrative during the peak of the bubble economy and although the pay is not as glamorous now, foreigners can still earn an impressive income.

Getting on screen can be easier to get into than expected. Knowing the right people may be your biggest obstacle. There are agencies in Japan specializing in recruiting foreign faces and personalities to broadcast on Japanese TV shows.

Information Technology

IT talents are constantly in demand by competing companies. Japanese speaking ability is not necessary for some IT jobs, however it can greatly increase your chances in landing a job and receiving higher pay. Additionally, having a certification can help you be recognized as a suitable candidate by Japanese companies.


The look that was predominantly in demand was white with gblonde hair and blue eyesh. This is no longer the case and there is now room for multicultural talent to flourish. Japan loves the gcuteh look and there can be big money if you fall into this category. Previous experience along with a portfolio will help you get above the rest.


Native speakers can find work in translating. There are many international companies in Japan that require rewriting and interpretation to and from their foreign counterparts. It is needless to say that the job requires a particular level of Japanese ability.